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As State of Connecticut licensed and certified home inspectors we will provide the highest level of value and quality of service in our industry. As highly trained and courteous professionals we will act as advocates for our clients, presenting unbiased information in an easy to understand, user friendly format. Our role is to educate our clients as we evaluate the home and be a resource for them both during and after the inspection.

Our Philosophy


Our motto “We Educate as We Evaluate” isn’t just a motto it is how we approach every inspection. In addition to providing information in easy to understand unbiased terms that helps clients make more informed decisions, we also educate them to become more informed homeowners. We typically  schedule only one inspection per day so that we can be assured that we have all the time needed to complete  a thorough inspection and address all your questions and concerns. Support doesn’t end with the inspection, lifetime telephone and email consultations are included for as long as you own your home.  For us home inspection isn’t just a profession, its a passion. We treat every inspection as if it were our home and our money. That’s why the majority of our business comes from referrals from satisfied clients.

Our Report

Our report is a full narrative report written in plain English. Issues are presented in easy to understand, unbiased terms. The report is divided into sections that evaluate the separate systems and components of the home. Each section includes a description of the system or component, its positive attributes, items needing corrective measures, safety, repair, or maintenance recommendations, and discretionary improvements. Pictures and videos taken during the inspection and informative diagrams are included to enhance your understanding of the report and issues uncovered during the inspection. A convenient summary section brings all our recommendations together in one convenient place. When you are ready to make repair requests from the seller or create a contractor's punch list simply use our Create Request List feature.  


All of our inspections meet the standards set forth by the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

To receive a sample report via email fill in the Questions form at the bottom of  this page and type "sample report" in the message box. 

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