The Home Owner's Network

Included with all our residential home inspections:

FREE 1 year membership (currently worth $199).  If you have a question about your home they have an answer!  It's easy:

  1. Open up the app on your smartphone.

  2. Choose a category (roofing, electric, etc).

  3. Type in your question.

  4. Add a photo from your phone camera.

  5. Receive an answer.

Your membership also includes:

Home Recall Alerts: About 1 in 10 homes will have a major appliance that is recalled. Easily add your major appliances and other item such as electronics, baby items, etc... and be alerted if there is a recall.

Discounts and Deals: Receive home owner related discounts and exclusive member deals for the services and merchandise you need to get settled into your new home. 

Concierge Utility: A service to changeover services (e.g. cable television)  to help you get ready to move.