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CT Energy Audits Can Help Lower Energy Costs for CT Homeowners

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Feeling frustrated by rising heating costs and chilly drafts? There's a solution: consider a CT energy audit. Discover how your home can operate more efficiently and economically. It's not just about energy conservation; it's also about enhancing comfort, convenience, and keeping money in your pocket. Regardless of your heating and cooling systems or whether you're buying a new home or updating your current one, energy professionals can make improvements that immediately reduce your energy bills, ensuring long-term savings.

A staring point is to conduct a home energy audit. Via Energize CT home energy solutions are accessible to eligible customers with a $50 co-pay. Eversource has authorized contractors who can evaluate and install energy-saving upgrades to your home. You'll receive a personalized report outlining your home’s energy usage and opportunities to save. Additionally, you might qualify for rebates. For example, approved insulation projects recommended during your assessment can result in rebates of up to $1.70 per square foot. This could translate to thousands of dollars in savings.

As a result of your energy assessment, you can expect:

  • A Home Energy Score

  • Tailored energy-saving suggestions for your home

  • Information about rebates and financial incentives to maximize your savings

Services provided by the home energy contractors during your assessment can include:

  • Sealing air leaks and ductwork

  • Installing hot water pipe insulating wrap

  • Adding faucet aerators

  • Installing low-flow showerheads

  • Replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient options

  • Sealing gaps by caulking or using insulating foam around outside faucets and other areas prone to air leakage

  • Making insulation suggestions

According to Energize CT, the average Connecticut home receives about $850 in services and realizes up to $180 in savings on their annual energy bills. Appliance, insulation, and HVAC rebates can qualify for rebates of $200 or more.

To learn more visit Energize CT today at

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