Home Inspection

Buy with confidence

Make informed decisions

Learn about your home

The purchase of your home may be the largest investment you will make. Our Pre-purchase Home Inspection will help to identify major defects, repair, maintenance, and safety issues. The inspection also points out positive attributes of the home while educating you on the home’s systems and their maintenance and addressing any questions or concerns you may have. During the inspection, the inspector will also point out the location of important system and utility shutoffs. Afterwards you’ll receive a detailed written report that will help you make a more educated and informed purchase decision.


All Pre-purchase Home Inspections include:

  • FREE lifetime telephone and email consultations. 

  • FREE one year membership to the Home Owner's Network.

  • FREE homeowner's manual and operations book.

  • FREE maintenance schedule.

  • FREE monthly homeowner's and maintenance newsletter.

  • Create Request List  feature to make negotiations easier.

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