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Home Inspection

Buy with confidence

Make informed decisions

Learn about your home

Having your home inspected by Beacon Fine home Inspections will arm you with the information and provide you with the confidence that will allow you to make well informed decisions. That is why for over two decades Connecticut homebuyers have turned to us to help them with the stressful and sometimes daunting process. Our motto "we educate as we evaluate" is not just a motto it is how we approach every inspection. 


The purchase of your home may be the largest investment you will ever make. Our Connecticut Pre-purchase Home Inspection will help to identify major defects, repair, maintenance, and safety issues. The inspection also points out positive attributes of the home while educating you about the home’s systems and their maintenance. During the inspection the inspector will also point out the location of important system and utility shutoffs.  He will make sure to address any questions or concerns you may have.  We do not consider our inspection over until all of your questions have been answered. Afterwards you’ll receive a detailed report that will help you make a more educated and informed purchase decision.

All inspections are completed by a Connecticut licensed home inspector who is also certified by the International Association of Home Inspectors (INACHI) as a Certified Property Inspector. Continuing education requirements keep your inspector up to date on the latest issues affecting home buyers and help your inspector continually refresh his skills and knowledge. 


All Pre-purchase Home Inspections include:

  • FREE lifetime telephone and email consultations. 

  • FREE homeowner's manual and operations book.

  • FREE maintenance schedule.

  • FREE monthly homeowner's and maintenance newsletter.

  • FREE membership to HomeBinder

  • FREE Create Request List feature to make negotiations easier.

We recommend that you consider the following services:

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