Home Inspection

Helps sell your home faster

Make informed decisions

Helps improve sales price

If you are selling a home, you may be more likely to get the highest price in the shortest time if your home is in good condition. Almost all sales contracts include the condition that the contract is contingent upon completion of a satisfactory buyer’s inspection, commonly known as the inspection contingency. Buyers will insist on a professional home inspection performed by an inspector that they will hire. If the buyer’s inspector finds issues with your home, it may cause the buyer to have second thoughts about the purchase. Surprise problems uncovered by the buyer’s home inspector may cause delays in closing and result in out of pocket costs for last minute repairs or a price reduction on your home.

Our CT Pre-Listing Inspection can help make the home sales process easier. It will help you uncover issues before you list the home for sale. Then you can get them corrected in advance or present the items as is and reflect them in the sales price of the home. Often, you can negotiate with a buyer to accept items in the current condition by stipulating that they are reflected in the purchase price. That same buyer may walk away from the sale if the conditions come as a surprise after an offer has already been made.

One of the key benefits of having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection, is that if there are any issues uncovered during the inspection, you can choose to have the repairs done on your own terms, on your own schedule. You could potentially save thousands by simply being able to shop around and get competitive bids, rather than being forced into paying for a rush job at the last minute because the buyer’s inspection turned up items that you were unaware of.

By having a Pre-Listing Inspection completed, you start the home sales process with an advantage. You can identify issues early, then either correct them or present them as is, helping the first offer you accept to move more quickly and smoothly to closing with minimal delays or costly surprises.