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Michelle DeBonis


5 Star

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Janet Roberts


5 Star

"Very thorough inspection. Tom made sure I understood everything in the house and with his inspection. I felt very confident that no stone was left unturned. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

Jennifer Olson


5 Star

"Extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Clearly cares about his work. Would definitely recommend to others."

Melissa Arnold-Mullins


5 Star

"I'm so happy that we researched home inspectors and found Thomas. I have to say, he went above and beyond at our home inspection. We are looking to purchase a 1900 Victorian and he took us through every single component of the house very professionally. If we ever need another inspection, Thomas will be the only one we call. Thank you for being so knowledgeable!"


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5 Star

"I couldn't imagine a more thorough home inspection prior to purchasing a house. Tom is so thorough and so informative that we are using him for a second time within 3 weeks. I used to think it was a waste of money to have a home inspection and then bail prior to purchase due to poor negotiations but the inspection did what it was supposed to do and uncover any and all faults of the property. A huge thanks to Tom for his detailed report (pictures and recommendations included!) and helping us find the most sound and perfect property for us. I recommend him to the fullest extent!"

Brandy S.


5 Star

"Tom was great! He is very detailed and educates the homeowner on many pieces of the house and how to maintain them. He has done two inspections for us so far, we highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspector."

El M.


5 Star

We are first time home buyers who were nervous and quite uneducated about looking at a home. That being said, we really were looking for a very in depth inspection with a lot of explanation. Tom was awesome. Prompt, professional and thorough. We appreciated how he took the time to patiently answer all of our questions and really made us feel comfortable with our new home. Thanks Tom!!


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"Tom has done two inspections for us this year. He has been incredibly thorough in pointing out even things that were only a courtesy to us. He is always on time if not early, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Tom takes the time to answer any questions you have. I highly recommend going with him on the journey during the inspection as you will learn so much about how everything works and tips about general matiencene. He has also recommended a few other vendors to us who did not dissappoint. I would not hesitate in recommending Tom to friends and contacts who are looking for a home inspector."


"Absolutely amazing!!!! He is like a doctor for a house. He examines everything thoroughly. He explained everything to me he was inspecting and educated on my home maintenance to home. I will HIGHLY recommend Tom to anyone needing a home inspection. When he was done he summarized everything with me and went over any questions or concerns I had. He is personable and a real pleasure to meet and have as my home inspector. Ask for Tom if you need a home inspection and want to learn your home!!!!!"


"Excellent. Clients and myself couldn't be happier. Knowlegeable, helpful, explained process to clients and a great report."


"Tom was very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. I would ask him do my home inspection again. Highly recommend his services."


"Awesome job, highly recommended!"


"Tom was very thorough, cordial and definitely knows what he is talking about. I would highly recommend him for any inspection moving forward. And his highly detailed report is easy to follow and very descriptive which is very helpful as the future home buyer."


"Tom is without a doubt the best inspector that I have ever referred to my clients. His inspections are in depth, informative and professional. He takes the time to answer any and all questions that me or my clients and his reports are returned within a day and are as detailed as you can want. His reports are thorough, easy to read and complete with many pictures to provide visual evidence of the items contained in the report. All of the clients I have ever referred to Tom have had nothing but great things to say about his inspections. He is courteous, professional and completes the inspections in a timely manner. Anyone purchasing a home and doing an inspection, should have someone like Tom representing them."


"Tom was very helpful in identifying issues/corrective measures related to many different areas of the house. Tom helped us learn how every system in the house worked and was very friendly! Great service! We would definitely recommend Tom to others!"


"Thomas did an excellent job for my home inspection. He took the time to answer all my questions both during the home inspection and after. He found some issues that the homeowners had not disclosed, and his clear and thorough report helped me make informed choices and negotiate remediation. I would recommend Thomas as a home inspector to anyone!"


"Tom arrived on time, spent several hours inspecting my new home. He took the time to explain everything to me in a way that I was able to understand. Letting me know what corrective measures need to be done. He was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable about everything in and on the property. I was extremely impressed by him. He went above and beyond the call of duty and I greatly appreciated him and the time he took to examine the property. Plus his report has clear photos, and goes into detail about everything and is easy to read and understand. I could not have made a better choice, than I did with Beacon and Tom Hauswirth. Thank you again."


"Thomas did a great job and helped me understand the issues I would face purchasing a home in CT."


"Tom was very professional and thorough will his inspection."


Tom, Thank you for your professionalism! I am very satisfied with the report. I found it to be very "thorough."


"Tom was amazing. He goes above and beyond! Not only did he inspected by condo, but he taught about home ownership and management throughtout the inspection. Tom took what could have been a rather stressful situation and made it pleasant and enjoyable. I would truly recommend Tom to everyone!!"


"Most through inspection I have ever seen. Was truly amazing and so willing to teach a new home owner. Amazing job!!"


"On time, very thorough and explained everything as he went along. Answered all my questions. Received a very detailed report within 24 hours. Would highly recommend Beacon."


"Tom is by far the most thorough, nicest inspector that anyone could hope for. He is a master at his craft and saved me from getting into 2 "money pits" by covering every aspect and inch of the home. I would highly recommend him!"


"Another great job Tom! Thanks for your professional service. We appreciate it."


"very thorough inspection!"


"I thought Tom was professional, prompt courteous, thorough and overall very helpful in what can be a very complicated process. I liked his demeanor, presentation, knowledge and communication. His knowledge was broad and deep. He was able to illucidate great deal of detail with every aspect of the property and was able to explain it all in great detail. The presentation of the report is precise, detailed and very accesible being web-based. I like the built-in capability to create .pdf's and to email the report as needed. Working with Tom was by far the best and easiest part of the purchase process for me. A big thanks to Tom for such a great job!"


"I have used Beacon for 3 home inspections. All have been exceptionally thorough and informative. Tom is very professional and has raised the bar in the home inspection industry. I would highly recommend Beacon to any home buyer."


"Tom Hauswirth is very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. I've been in the Real Estate business since 1986 and I must say his inspection and reports are the most complete and detailed of any of have seen."


"Tom conducted one of the most thorough and educational inspections I have been on. He did an excellent job of explaining why things needed to be a certain way and iof there was a quick fix, how to do it He was careful not to alarm anyone when not neceessary, but careful to point out important issues. Needless to say I was very impressed."


"My husband and I are first time home buyers. After our home inspection with Tom, we feel like we have a thorough inside and out knowledge of the home we are purchasing and therefore a little more peace about the home buying process! Everything about Tom's home inspection, from his method of inspecting and teaching to his business philosophy to his reporting style, was of the highest quality! Surely a better inspector does not exist in the state of Connecticut!"


"Tom was great ! He was very knowledgeable and extremely thorough in every aspect . He made me feel at ease with the home I am about to purchase !"


"Would tell my friends and family to have you inspect there homesverry pleased with your work thank you Debra Shriner"


"A wonderful experience. Tom put my mind at ease the moment I met him. He explained every item during the inspection and left me feeling extremely confident in the services and reports he provided. I highly recommend Tom for a home inspection."


"He's the best and most thorough building inspector I've had the pleasure to work with."


"Tom was professional, knowledgeable and very thorough during my home inspection. I will definitely recommend his services to other potential homebuyers."


"He was friendly, polite, and did a very thorough inspection. Explained in detail what was being inspected and why it was being inspected. He educated me on the function and operation of inspected items and provided maintenance tips where applicable. He provided suggestions on how to proceed with problem areas during the inspection. All of my questions were answered fully and I never felt rushed. Would highly recommend to anyone."


"Tom did four inspections for me, and he was thorough, took the time to explain how things work, provided a detailed written report, and answered questions by email and phone following the inspections."


Fantastic! Tom was very thorough and informative during the entire process. He took the time to explain everything he saw and didn't see which gave us peace of mind and knowledge about the home for the future. I would highly recommend Tom to anybody looking for a home inspection.


"Thank you for being so thorough and taking the time to explain things to us!"


"Tom was awesome, so patient with my husband and myself as well as our family members. The report is extremely thorough and the photos will help jog our memory about issues as we check off the to-do list. I like that the suggestions are categorized to help with prioritizing fixes. Would absolutely recommend him."


"Thank you very much for your expertise and professionalism at today's inspection. I learned many things and came away with several important questions to pursue."


"I'm so happy that we researched home inspectors and found Thomas. I have to say, he went above and beyond at our home inspection. We are looking to purchase a 1900 Victorian and he took us through every single component of the house very professionally. He answered all of our questions we had. If we ever need another inspection, Thomas will be the only one we call. Thank you for being so knowledgeable! His home inspection reports are fully detailed and will be valuable over the life of the home. They are amazing and you won't be disappointed!"


"Very comprehensive, efficient and answered all of our many questions!"

David Saco

"Tom , It was great meeting you and doing business with you. I was amazed at how thorough your inspection was and how you educated me on all the different components of the home and property. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who may need an inspection in the future. Also , if any potential customer ever wants a reference from a past customer do not hesitate to give them my phone number.Thank you again."


"Thank you for your thoroughness. I appreciate the value of the breadth of your knowledge and your attention to detail."


"If your're looking to be 100% satisfied and seeking someone to go WELL ABOVE AND BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS, then do yourself a BIG favor and set up an inspection with Tom, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW GOOD THIS GUY AND HIS REPORT IS!!"


"Great to work with. Very professional, detailed and complete inspection report."


"Thomas, You were one of the best inspectors I have come across. I love the fact that you were early! You were very thorough and informative. I appreciated you taking your time and explaining each process to the homeowners. I appreciate your knowledge and personality."


"Thank you for your promptness, thoroughness, and knowledge!"


"We were completely satisfied and will absolutely recommend Beacon in the future."


"It was quite an experiance going through 2 inspections as a seller and a few days later as a buyer! I selected Tom based on his thouroughness at my house. He was very helpful to us as first time condo buyers."

Meredith and Bruno Ferreira

"This is the second time we have used Tom and he does an outstanding job! We have since recommended him to my parents and other family and friends who are looking to purchase homes. Thank you for doing such a great job! Meredith and Bruno Ferreira."


"Great job! Helped to educate us as first time owners as he inspected the house."


"Really great experience, would recommend immediately to a friend or family!"


"You hear about the horror stories with home inspections and the inspectors used. Being a first time home buyer, we wanted to find a inspector that was honest and thorough not trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Even though this is our first inspection that was ever done Tom is the best inspector, period. If you are still reading reviews, save yourself time and just hire him IMMEDIATLY. Not only does he KNOW what he is talking about, but he is patient, friendly and answers all your questions. But most importantly, he does a VERY THOROUGH INSPECTION. He inspected EVERY INCH of the house - tried every window, door, faucet, and fan. He left no stone unturned and frankly, we will never trust another home to another inspector. Tom loves his job and it shows. He has competitive pricing and saved us a bundle!!! Even though we didn't go with the house that he did inspect because of the things that were found during his inspection he is highly recommended, you will not be disappointed."


"Great job! Tom explained every aspect of the house inspection. He is incredibly thorough. Would highly recommend Beacon Inspections to anyone."


"Tom was prompt, professional, courteous, educated, as well as educational. I am extremely pleased that he was so thorough and took his time to inspect all aspects of the house. Thanks again!"


"Easily the most thorough and respectful inspection I have been involved with. Tom spent as much time as was needed to do the job and provided insight into what he was looking for and why. A very professional experience."

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